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You Make Beautiful Things

Well I’ve been a little quiet in the blog world of late. Some of you know what’s been new, many of you may not.

Some very major changes have taken place.

Rewind to two months ago in mid June it was the hubby, me and our sweet kitty Emaline who was spoiled rotten.

Now here we are…August 29th and we now have a pre-teen and teenager sharing life in our family.

Our family doubled in the last month.

It was a challenging beginning no doubt. The hubby and I have taken guardianship of two gals, sweet little teen and pre-teen for this season of their life.

How did we get here?

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27

Now these two darlings aren’t orphans, but were without a home for this season and the hubby and I prayed about opening our family to have them join.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the most obvious. Reading those words of James and knowing that if Christ were here in KY in this day, these two little girls would be laughing and singing in his hallways.

It was the most Christ-like decision and I (as you know) am very far from being Christ-like in my attitude, thoughts and choices, that it has been a real transition. I’ve read before that marriage is more about making us holy than happy. I believe having children correlates with that statement as well.

I’m a selfish person by nature. I like long bubble baths, time with my hubby alone and time to do whatever I want.

Having two teens (more or less) doesn’t allow much space for selfishness.

Don’t hear the song of a martyr here. Its a blessing all the same. God has placed some amazing gifts in our lives of family scooping these two up and away to give a date night to the hubby and I. He has given us grace and patience as we face the whims and turns of adolescence in this new journey.

These girls do things that wow me like setting the cups out with name tags, making dinner to surprise us and just loving us in ways that I’m not expecting. Their hearts are so big, so full of wonder, so full of question and so beautiful.

I love seeing their eyes gleam when we have a simple surprise like being car rider vs. the big normal yellow bus.

I love hearing their tender prayers to Jesus and their raw wonder of things of God…

“God knows all things. Did you know that? Like, He can see the future and knows what is going to happen,” I was saying after a dinner Bible reading.

“Really? I just wish He would tell me then,” K exclaimed with the most pure look of anticipation.

Its awesome to look back now at conversations I had just a few months ago about God bringing a revival into my life. Our church was studying Revival in the Old Testament and I could feel God working anew in me. I had no idea what was around the bend.

The hubs and I had been discussing downsizing to a smaller home after watching awesome documentaries like Tiny. We had no idea, but God did. He placed us in this home with just enough bedrooms for these little ladies to move right in and smooth the transition of ready-built bedrooms.

Its so beautiful to see the full providence of God and how he aligns things even in the mess, muck and mire of day-to-day in a world of sinful choices. He makes all things beautiful.

I’m thankful for this season; the challenge, the beauty and the breaking me of self.


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  1. Carolyn Alexander-Twillie

    Monica thank you for the opportunity for expression in response to your heartfelt giving. I believe everything happens for a reason, no matter the pain or detriment it may cause another. Our Lord does not make mistakes, because He has a master plan for all of us when He first started us. However it came to be that you now are blessing these girls with your warmth and love, the benefits are being seen now and yet to been seen so far down the road trust me. You said you are a selfish person, I’ve never seen that in you, but God knows you and He may be working exactly that situation out right now, perpetuating you for BIGGER and BETTER BLESSINGS down your Christian walk. I am so thankful there are still people in this world like you Monica, stand up, take a bow, and be blessed.

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