work unto the Lord (Small)

Work Unto the Lord

On a recent road trip my friend was telling me how she started scheduling work as the title “Unto the Lord” in her phone. How awesome?!

I love it because it takes intention to work as if unto the Lord. Often I can forget that what I am doing is a call of God on my life. Its easy to forget that the way we serve others is a flow of our serving to God.

This morning our pastor preached on Wisdom at Work from Proverbs. This really resonated with me, “God doesn’t need your good works, but your neighbors do.”

That hit me. I’ve truly been focused lately on the being and being at rest….that can be an easy slide into sluggard or lazy. While I don’t earn good graces from God of doing good works, I still am truly HIS hands and feet that he placed on this planet to shine the light of His love.

It’s time for us to do something. We can Do Something everyday. What attitude am I working with? What heart manner am I doing the best of my ability in all I do?

God created us to work in the beginning of creation. Sure work got messed up with sin, the fall and the curse that brought about thorns and thistles. Some days thorns and thistles can poke and prick and even cause us to hurt. God didn’t promise it would be easy, but He did promise we wouldn’t go it alone.

Where do you find your inspiration for daily work? What encourages you to give your all in what you do each day?

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