Wedding Day Letters

Wedding Day Letters

Seems to be a Wedding theme recently at The Modern Mrs. huh? Who doesn’t love a good Wedding? I love the moment when the bride enters the aisle! There is so much oohing and aahing and so many sweet smiles being shared. I love to turn and glance a sneak a the groom. I love to see the emotion on his face when he first sees his beautiful bride enter.

I have a great wedding idea for you today; make the special day memorable for bride-to-be in your life.

My best friend just married last week and the time was so radiant. She was absolutely gorgeous and things went perfectly thanks to her ocd and “control freak” planning. (Her words not mine. But seriously she had this together.)

One of the special things I did in the months leading up to her Wedding was put together love letters for the morning of. Simply contact friends and family members to write a special letter for the bride to read on the morning of her Wedding. Letters can include special memories shared with the bride, marital advice or well wishes for the future. You can draft cousins, friends and moms to help and get in touch with everyone.

Here is a sample what you need to ask for:

— I’m writing to ask that you join in a surprise project for (Bride’s Name)  on her upcoming Wedding day. For (Bride’s Name) upcoming Wedding day I want to put together a scrapbook of letters from those who love her, for her to read on the morning of the BIG DAY!  The letter can be advice on marriage, cherishing a memory shared with her or simply wishing her well in her new marriage and such. I’d love to have as many as possible to combine in a scrapbook for her. If you could write one that would be great. I’d also love if you could help me contact anyone else you think might want to write to her as well. If you wouldn’t mind I’d greatly appreciate your help. I’m simply asking that all letters be mailed to me by (one month before the Wedding day itself) so I have time to compile them and get ready for her. My address is: (example

Again, Thanks for your help if able. Look forward to making it a special day for our gal (Bride’s Name) 

Don’t forget to include parents, grandparents and especially The Groom.

When you receive the letters in the mail you can compile in whatever order, adorn with ribbon, in a scrapbook, etc. I listed hers with aunts first, girlfriends, then on to grandmas, mom and dad and the final letter from her sweet Groom. I delivered her letters to her at the hair salon for her to read that morning. It was a special moment for her to hear from loved ones while having her hair done and getting prepped for that long awaited Husband-to-be! You can pass them to her at any moment the morning of or even the night before after the rehearsal to read on her own. I just highly suggest you give them to the bride Before Makeup!

Have fun making a special keepsake for the love birds in your life!

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