Waste not, Want not.

I heard this phrase a lot growing up. My Dad still lives by this proverb by using his crafty skills and innovative mind to create tons of things. My Mom encouraged us in this phrase as young kids in not wasting the food on our dinner plate.

I grew up being taught to appreciate the things I had and not waste them so I wouldn’t want for anything. Throwing away food and then having a hungry belly or appetite later, just didn’t go together.

The hubby and I try to live by these words today as well. They are timeless and words of wisdom.

I had been using my BB Cream for awhile and got to the end of the tube where not much was squeezing out. I simply cut the tube in half and have had an entire month’s worth still coming from the same tube. Waste not Want not.

Its a financial discipline in spending what you need to not just frivolously. Its a green way to live in not buying more than we actually need.

Waste not Want not. How are you applying this in your life?


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