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ToGo Sushi

Recently this little place popped up in Lyndon called ToGo Sushi. Interesting.

Seems like a smart idea, right? I know a ton of people who love sushi and I know a ton of people who like food fast and convenient on weeknights after work. A drive thru with awesome sushi sounds awesome.

The hubby and I went in one night for sushi in their dining room which is small, clean and had very fast service. The waitress was very friendly and our rolls arrived quickly.

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I appreciated taking in a World Cup game in the background while I noticed the chefs stealing a glance at us occasionally to see that the sushi was to our satisfaction.

20140620_190033 (Small) 20140620_190118 (Small) 20140620_190231 (Small) 20140620_191756 (Small)

We enjoyed the Yum Yum roll, Spicy Salmon and Avocado roll. The Yum Yum was my favorite with spicy mayo and great crunch. The avocado roll was incredible when draped with a thin slice of ginger to balance the ultra creamy avocado.

We will definitely go back for dinner and I think its a smart treat to grab on the way home….for sure on those pesky Mondays that tend to be the least fun of the week.

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