Questions to ask before you buy

To Buy or Not To Buy?

I read a great article in Redbook Magazine that I just had to share with you.

7 Questions to ask yourself before buying anything  

You can read the entire article here.

I think it was perfect timing to read this article as many of us find ourselves doing a lot more shopping this time of the year.

Some of the questions apply more to personal purchases than gifting at Christmas, but they are so helpful. The better decisions you make about how you spend your money, the more in control of your finances you will be.

A few of my favorite questions are easy to not only Remember, but actually Use while shopping too.

Have you found the best deal? Check for special offers, discounts, comparison shop.

Are you buying just because its on sale? Youch. This question stopped me in my tracks. Far too often I buy or buy more because of a sale. Is this something you want enough that you would buy it a regular price too? If I wouldn’t have even stopped to look at the item if it weren’t featured on sale, then I probably don’t really need or even for that matter want it that bad.

Can you afford it? The financial expert who authored this article on Redbook begs that you not buy what you can’t afford and pay more in credit card interest. Agreed. This still applies at Christmas. Christmas debt is some of the highest that people justify in their minds. I get it, its a time of giving and we want to go big and generous! Don’t let the seasonal gifting drive you into debt that looses the meaning of giving with joy.

I’m taking these questions with me to the online shopping, the mall and wherever else. Is this the best deal? Am I buying it simply because of the deal or sale? Finally, can I afford it?

I hope these questions carry you with financial peace and joy of giving this Holiday season and all year long.

How do you plan Christmas shopping? Do you set a budget? Do you plan your route from store to store? Or do you just tackle it in a very different way all your own? We’d love to hear and share your plans with others!

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