Pudding Parfait

The Raising of a Master Chef

I will be the first to tell you I’m not the best cook. I grew up in a family of amazing cooks, but I hid in my bedroom. As a kid I can remember hearing my mom cooking and I would hide away with a good book. I wasn’t afraid of work (ok, well maybe a little), but my interest in cooking and things of the kitchen were low and overridden by good story books.

Fastforward 30 years later and I’m raising a young lady who LOVES the kitchen. Lindsey loves to follow a recipe, host guests for dinner and surf the pages of Pinterest for good meals. Last week on a rough day I asked her if she’d rather be alone or come down and cook. Its an expressive measure for her. No matter what is going on in the world the kitchen can be a place of solace, steps and creative expression for her.

A few weeks ago we entertained a friend for dinner and Lindsey artfully designed our pudding parfaits into beauties.

Its fun to watch her eyes beam with pride as we praise her creations. Its a joy to see her planning ahead with bread baking the night before the dinner guests arrive.

I’m enjoying the kitchen more in meal planning with her, discovering ingredients and watching her dive deeper into her adolescent identity.

Are your littles enjoying the kitchen? Have you let your kids’ creativity take shape in mixing bowls and recipe steps?

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