The Listening Life

Do you select a word of the year? I began last year in 2016 selecting a word that I wanted to set out as my theme or intention for the year. I’m not saying I mastered it last year by any means, however, I set my intention and behaviors upon being Present. I had some good days. I had some not so good days. I used the word often in journaling my day’s reflections, conversations with friends and weeks of “soul care.” (More to come on soul care in future blogs.) I found great freedom in focusing on being Present not Perfect.

Not because I had the whole “being present” thing down, but because I enjoyed setting an intention and focus for the year I selected a new word for 2017. Listen.

I will be the first to admit that I am not the world’s best listener. I do indeed like to talk. However, I truly have found that there is so much value in not only listening to others and life, but truly listening to hear what is being said.

I started the new year with this great book from my parents for Christmas: The Listening Life by Adam McHugh.

Ya’ll it is sooooo good. I enjoyed underlining tons of parts and truly found myself being schooled on how far I have to grow in my listening skills. I have a long way to go and plan that this book will be one of those that I read often throughout this next year.

“Servant listening is a practice of presence.” I’m enjoying meditating on this quote from the book. I don’t know that you can be fully present without listening. And have you ever been with someone who listens well? It makes you feel valued. It can be an incredible gift to give to someone to slow down and truly listen to them. Listen to their words. Listen to their heart. Listen to their story behind all the unspoken.

I’d love to listen and hear from you. What are you setting as intentions this year? Resolutions? Goals or a word of the year?  I believe there is real strength in community and encouraging one another as we surround each other with love. Leave a comment I’m looking forward to listening….

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  1. Bonnie Miller

    My word for the year is… positive! I truly worked on this in 2016 but found myself backsliding. I had my successes; however, not positive enough. Need to remember that the glass can be half full and half empty but also refilled!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing Bonnie. I love that the glass can be “refilled”, so beautiful! I have to reset and recheck my intentions daily too. Here’s sending you grace for POSITIVE no matter what 2017 holds…

  2. Be still and let God

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