Staying an artist when you grow up

I love this quote and oh how I true it is.

Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up. —-Pablo Picasso

I’ve been trying to keep up with creating somehow a little everyday. On busy week days my creating and crafting is usually a meal. On my days off I love to do some Pinterest type craft or wander around Hobby Lobby and find a new project.

Today I had to set an alarm on my phone for I was only allowing myself 30 minutes to roam Hobby Lobby aisles. Do you find it is a time vacuum in there? Man oh man I love that place.

I was on a mission for a fabric with map print to reupholster an ottoman…..(more to come on that soon.) in the meantime I found an aisle of tassels and trims, oh la la.

I just stood there dazed by them and trying to think how I could use them, a pillow, a shirt sleeve, and I ended up on…..

IMG_1486 IMG_1485 First, I had to clean those bad boys because with a cat and just plain ole everyday dust those shades were icky. Then after a good wipe down and this fun fringe added on I love the look! Sometimes its fun to sit and stare at craft supplies, let your imagination take you to a new place. What have you been creating lately?


 photo monicasignature_zps0fc834aa.png

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