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Shopkick…and why its Awesome

I just received my December issue of Redbook magazine and dog eared almost every other page. Did you see the December issue? Look how gorgeous Carrie Underwood looks:

Redbook December cover I love her sweet spirit and how “non-celeb” she behaves. Not only was the cover story fantastic, but there were tons of Holiday ideas; recipes, fashion, beauty and of course money savings.

As soon as I read the following I was ready to act;

“…So last year I got the whole family on Shopkick, an app that gives you reward points for frequenting certain stores. Just before Christmas, I used all our points and other discounts and bought them $500 worth of clothes for only 25 cents. That’s right, a quarter.”—excerpt taken from Smart Santa Savings Tricks page 112-113

SWEET! Now I don’t know if I shop enough to wrack up that many points through the year, but why not try?

The app is pretty easy to download and then you earn kicks (points) for walking into select stores, scanning select items and purchasing select items. Seems easy enough.

If you’d like to sign up here’s an easy link to do so: Get Shopkick¬†

Disclosure: I will get a kick for you signing up with me! So thanks, sign up and get me some kicks and get a blog shout out. Just kidding. But its an easy way to discover something awesome and save some of your friends some money too if they want to use shopkick themselves.

Check out this chick’s story and how she scored a boatload at Sephora!

What tips or tricks do you have for saving money and pinching pennies at Holiday time?

Merry Merry Tuesday and here’s to saving some money!



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  1. I love Shopkick! I’ve probably been using it for a year but have gotten a few gift cards already to Target. Seriously what’s easier than getting rewarded for just walking into a store!!

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