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Seven Pauses from Seven

Many of you have heard me rant and rave about the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker. If not, you can read more here and here

The subtitle of the book is, “an experimental mutiny against excess.” Each month Hatmaker experiments with purging and simplifying things in life. Its a book that once you read it changes things you do. I have several girlfriends reading the book right now and one texted me the other day, “I now blame you for my ignoring of my family as I retreat to read my book.” It really is a formative book.

One of my favorite chapters is the month of purging stress. Hatmaker shares from Seven Sacred Pauses written by Macrina Wiederkehr a member of the monastic community St. Scholastica.

The seven pauses include stopping to pause and pray 7 times a day:

-The Night Watch (midnight)

-The Awakening Hour (dawn)

-The Blessing Hour (midmorning)

-The Hour of Illumination (noon)

-The Wisdom Hour (midafternoon)

-The Twilight Hour (early evening)

-The Great Silence (bedtime)

Along with the times I loved some of the reading and traditional liturgies that accompany. I’m very much a person of routine, but typically the rushed routine that is jammed pack. I’m really working to slow myself down, enjoy the day, make the days count and take more pauses.

Hope this Saturday finds you somewhere among the pauses and no matter the name of the hour, I pray you are at peace and find yourself finding more time to pray throughout the day.

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