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Quick Christmas Crafts

Last weekend we went to visit the hubby’s family in West Virginia. It was quite a treat to get to visit with them for Christmas this year!

A rainy Saturday afternoon called for us girls to be inside and there are only so many Christmas movies one day can handle. We gathered in the dining room and whipped up some quick Christmas crafts.

What’s the weather like were you are? Looking for some Christmas activity to enjoy the season? Or perhaps need some Christmas craft to keep the kiddos entertained? No one wants to hear that dreaded, “I’m bored Mom.”

These crafts are minimal mess, take little time and pretty basic supplies.

Paper Plate Angel

Paper Plate Angel

Paper Plate


Hot Glue Sticks/Glue Gun

1/2″ Size Ball Ornament

Pipe Cleaner

Mesh Ribbon

I had this great wire mesh ribbon I knew I wanted to make something with. This year we did an all angel themed ornament Christmas tree so I decided I needed more angel ornaments.

Simply take a paper plate and cut in half horizontally.

Paint your paper plate whatever color you’d like your angel’s dress to be.

Once paint is dry you can roll the half plate into a cone/angel’s body.

With your hot glue gun attach a small ornament in the top of the cone as her head.

Finally, cut about 6″ of wire mesh ribbon and twist in the center. Attach the curled ribbon as wings to the angel’s back with hot glue as well as a pipe cleaner loop to serve as an ornament hanger.

Too cute, Too easy. Minimal mess for kiddos of any age.

Paper Plate Angel

Snowman Tealight

Snowman Tealight Ornament

Battery operated Tealight Candle

Swirly Eyes


Hot Glue/Glue Gun

Marker/Nail Polish

Stickers/Adhesives/Add ons

Cotton Balls

This craft has been a popular one this year. We made these at the Christmas Craft Party and then last weekend too. There are so many variations that keep this fun.

My sister-in-law Rachel made this cute, full bodied Snowman by adding cotton balls connected to his head to serve as a very stuffed Snowman! How adorable!

First step, check that your tealight battery operates. That would be a total bummer to discover too late.

The steps are easy; cut out a black felt hat and adorn as you please. Add to top of Tealight for his head/hat. Use glue to attach eyes above lighted nose. Use marker/nail polish to make mouth. We also used pink nailpolish and smudged it to create a natural blushing glow.

You can add add ribbon as a scarf, cotton balls as a body, and beyond. Endless possibilities and create your own Snow Family.

Snowman Tealight

Santa Brushes


Santa Brushes



Swirly Eyes

Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks

Cotton Balls

My mother-in-law had the idea for these fun Santa Brushes. You can pick up a bag of 4 brushes for less than $2 or find some that the hubby donates from his garage!

First, paint from the metal portion of the brush all the way down through the bristles in white. This is Santa’s face and beard.

Allow to dry and go make some cookies or watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

When dry, you can either glue swirly eyes on right below the handle/hat’s brim or paint them on. Again, we used some pink paint/nail polish to create a natural blush.

Finally, you will shred a cotton ball into thin pieces to attach at the base of the handle as the hat’s brim and another strip at the start of the bristle’s edge as the mustache.

Santa Brush Santa Brush

Have fun with your Santa’s in a variety of widths, some fat Santa’s, some skinny, some with full mustache and some skinny pointed ones! I also did a crazy elf with a cute little hat too. The handle serves as the hat so you can get as creative as you want with the face, the beards, the mustache and let your imagination take you through a Winter Wonderland.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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