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Pappardelle’s Pasta

I’m not Italian, nor do I think I have any Italian in my lineage at all.

I love pasta like a true Italian.

As we wondered around the smells, scents and sights of the Seattle Pike Place Market I was enamored by it all. The fresh flowers were breathtaking…

Fresh Flowers And the fish smell….well it was strong.

20140329_092035 (Small) But it was awesome to see all the fresh seafood and families strolling about picking up the ingredients for their evening dinner.

I was most attracted to the fresh pasta. I had never seen rows of noodles and such in such a display….

Pasta! The friendly sales associate caught my eye and probably my mouth salivating as well and asked,

“Excuse me, do you like Summertime?”

I mean seriously. Who in their right mind doesn’t like Summertime. Or even that person on a rainy day in Seattle will surely say yes!

“Of course,” I replied.

She invited me over and I crunched on an uncooked noodle that sprinkled a lemon fresh and herb flavor into my mouth. Yummy.

We bought a couple pounds of noodles, the sales staff shared a few recipes sheets with us and we left smiling.

What is even more exciting then finding amazingly seasoned noodles in Pike Place is learning that Pappardelle’s Pasta are  in several locations. Here is their site  with locations, ordering, recipes and lots of crazy carbs.

I remember when my roommate in Florida tried to do a no carbs diet. Not fun. She was miserable and I one day just said, “You need to have some carbs lady.”

Pasta, carbs, bread…..I think they make ya happy! That is why I’m Pasta Obsessed and will share that Summertime Pasta recipe very soon…..

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