Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Have you ever heard of WWOOFing? World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a popular travel trend.  Erin & Luke recently had the opportunity of a lifetime to spend half the year living off the land of Australia. Today we have the delight to share with Erin in her stories of WWOOFing, what we can learn from her and Luke’s experience and some of the pictures from their journey. Join us for the trip down under…

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WHERE THE IDEA BEGAN: Last summer Luke and I were trying to think where our next adventure would be. We wanted it to be over seas and we ended up narrowing it down to Australia and New Zealand. We chose Australia because we wanted some warm weather after living in Colorado through the winter!

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STARTING OUT WITH WWOOF: That summer we ran into a friend of Luke’s and told him how we were planning to backpack Aussie… He was shocked and told us how he WWOOFed in America and planned on going to Australia ! It’s a simple task to get involved; you sign up online and pay a fee of $60.00 a piece.  We waited with anticipation to receive our WWOOFing books in the mail. They are basically phone books. It is arranged by location of Australia and the WWOOF hosts that live there. It gives about a paragraph of their info. like where they live, what farm animals they have, what kinda crops they grow, what type of work they expect you to do….etc. And obviously their contact info. You just need to contact them in advance to make sure they are needing workers.

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LIFE IN THE ORGANIC WORLD: We were gone for a good 5 months. The overall best experience was, the experience!! We learned so much about how to live a simple life; how to grow food, how to cook that food, how solar power, wind power, compost toilets work. Most of all we learned about each other and people. The best moment though, was snorkeling the great barrier reef!! It was way better than I ever expected. So beautiful; we  saw sharks, nemos, and sea turtles.

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Our jobs were seasonal (lifeguard and housekeeping on the beach) So, it wasn’t too hard leaving those behind. The hardest part was the fact that we did not have our own transportation. We had to rely on other people, trains and planes.

Recycle Center Grazing


It got very very stressful at times when you didn’t know where you were going to sleep that night. Also, not having your normal routine; eating what you want, sleeping where you want, how you spend your day. Your everyday life sorta turns into someone else’s expectations of you. I would suggest to people who want to backpack: Do It!!  Just think ahead; think about renting a van, car, or RV, it will be worth it. Also, look into your hosts thoroughly before you stay with them because they could be loony!

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Many Thanks to Erin & Luke for sharing their backpacking story and life on the Organic Farms of Australia. I hope you’ve been inspired to try something new whether its a recycling center in your backyard or high tailing it across the ocean for life on a foreign farm.


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