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Nine Spiritual Pathways

Do you ever have a song stop you dead in your tracks? I love when those moments happen! I was reading yesterday and just had some light music on in the background when all of a sudden this song came on…

Holy Smokes. I was so overwhelmed by the beautifully simple lyrics. I have found myself becoming more and more of a Naturalist so the lyrics of awe and wonder at God’s beauty drew me right outdoors to FEEL his creation. You might be thinking,  What is a naturalist anyhow?

Naturalists would prefer to leave any building, however beautiful or austere, to pray to God beside a river. Leave the books behind, forget the demonstrations – just let them take a walk through the woods, mountains, or open meadows. These Christians believe that nature clearly proclaims ‘God is!’ They may learn more from watching an ant colony or looking at a peaceful lake than from reading a book or listening to a sermon, though they may find fulfilling thoughts from the Psalms or the parables of Christ, which are based on nature.  —-according to Sacred Pathway by Gary Thomas

Have you ever thought about the Style in which you most connect with God? There are all kinds of crazy quizzes on Facebook and all over about what color your personality is, what decade you most connect with, Strengthfinders, and on and on.

However, I would challenge that whether you enjoy quizzes and learning more about yourself or not, this quiz is super beneficial. Much like learning your own love language and that of those around you, its so important to give thought to how you most connect with God. We are each wired differently and that is the beautiful thing about diversity and the beauty of God who made us each just as He saw fit.

I read Gary Thomas’ book Sacred Pathways during my college days. I find myself coming back to it as I grow and change and discover more of who I am. Growing up I really didn’t enjoy the outdoors that much. I was often found tucked in my room with my nose in a book. My mom would have to force me outdoors to get some Vitamin C as she would say. I grew up in the beautiful country of Kentucky, but had no idea what a treat it was. Now as I grow up I love nothing more than to be outdoors, rocking in a hammock (still with a good book), out on a hike discovering a new trail, or on the lake with our kayak.

I find myself experiencing God’s presence as a Naturalist, but perhaps you connect with God best through another avenue. There are 9 different pathways that Thomas breaks down. I found a copy of the quiz and results here from Northpoint Ministries. I’d love to hear from you. What spiritual/sacred pathway do you most connect with?

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