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New Year—New You—How’s It Going?

So we are one month in to our New Year. How are you doing  on New Year’s goals, plans or resolutions?

Here’s an update on how some of my goals are coming along…

Food Journal:

Keeping a Food Journal


I shared at the start of the year that I am keeping a Food Journal. I’m doing ok on filling it out and sometimes miss a day so the next day I will have to think back and retrace my steps and bites. When I look back over January though I have entries for everyday. Its been most effective on getting me to eat more fruits and veggies. I just hate filling out a day and then seeing little to no produce. I will find myself at dinner time assessing the day’s meals and ensuring I finish the night right with some colors on my plate. Also, tracking my water has been a  big help with the journal. I’m finding myself getting 64 oz and then some of water on most days. I’m looking forward to keeping this food journal habit up all year long.

Exercise & Health:

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From an exercise standpoint I don’t have too much to report on. I did pretty good the first two weeks of the year with some zumba, pilates or cardio about 3-4 times a week. Once I started back to work my foot injury was still healing and made working for 8 hours my new current exercise routine. I’m looking forward to getting back into some zumba once my stamina reaches a good point after a work day. I’ve been doing my pilates and ab exercises from Blogilates (Check out her stuff, Amazing!) only once a week. Yep, could use some better discipline here.

The Beatitudes:


I’m following a great lead from Ann Voskamp on memorizing portions of the Bible. This year I’m meditating and memorizing The Beatitudes from Matthew 5. I put together a journal with all of the weeks and their verses to memorize. The first 3 weeks were rolling smooth and know that I am about 12 verses in I’m struggling a bit. Each night I try to recite to the hubby and he has to feed me a few clues…

“Blessed are…..(insert the hubby sounding out slowly ‘p—–e—–a—-c—-e’) the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God.”

I’m committed to sticking with it and finding myself speaking the verses in my head through my day’s moments. I’m trying to write out the verses to keep them in order and help with the memorization as the section grows in length.



When I received the new camera for Christmas from the hubby I had about zero knowledge of how to work it or many of the photography buzz words. Now I’ve discovered some helpful tutorials on youtube and am trying to be intentional about using the camera often. I found a blog, Snap Happy Mom, that has some great tips and especially helpful to me was to make sure and leave my camera OUT. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Something as easy as leaving my camera out on the bookshelf is helping me to take more photos and having it ready for life’s moments in progress.

So that’s me as a work in progress for 2014. How are you doing? What goals are you working on and towards? I’d love to hear from the readers out there so we can encourage one another. Sharing your goals out loud and with someone makes your chances of following through and accountability greatly increase. Look forward to hearing how your New Year is getting along…



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