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Motel Sixing It

That’s right I just made Motel Six stays a verb. When we road trip we absolutely Motel Six it. The beauty of Motel Six is that they are everywhere so you don’t have to have an agenda, itinerary or reservations. Motel Six is not for all, I get that. It is perfect for us because we like to be in a different city each day and we drive crazy miles so we will literally stop only to sleep late at night and rise early in the morning to get on the road.

As we traveled out West last month I was impressed with the renovations going on in Motel Six locations across the states.
The first one we stayed in was Salt Lake City.

Motel Six Renovations From the fresh coral walls, to the modern minimal art, to the crisp cork/wood combo floors; it was so much improved.

Motel Six has gotten some bad reps for being stuck in the olden days of decor, stinky at times or just not the finest of motels.

The next renovated motel was in Denver Colorado

Motel Six The layout feels Swedish with an Ikea inspiration. It feels refreshed with clean lines.

IMG_2159 (Small) IMG_2160 (Small) A great lesson learned from Motel Six is don’t judge a book by its cover or what you have always thought of it. Sometimes you might miss out on a really awesome discovery if you cast your past perceptions aside.

We’ve been loving our Motel Six stays for the cheap cost and ability to lay our head down and soon get back out on the open road….

Motel Six stays have allowed us to spend our money on other stuff we enjoy like….

IMG_1847 (Small) More to come on this next pic and the adventures out on the road…





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