Laundry Room Inspiration

Laundry Room Inspiration

I love Pinterest for it gets my creative gears cranking….

I saw this on Pinterest for your Washer & Dryer

From Sarah Hearts

From Sarah Hearts

What a great idea from Sarah Hearts! She used a dry erase marker to list items on the washing machine that were to NOT go in the dryer. Awesome idea so the hubby doesn’t shrink your favorite cable v-neck.

I took this idea and thought why not use the washing machine as my own white space. As in, why not use this as my dry erase board for INSPIRATION!

Washing Machine+Dry Erase Marker=Inspiration!

Washing Machine+Dry Erase Marker=Inspiration!

Just a few minutes to jot down encouraging words and every time you enter the laundry room you get a pep in your step!Words speak life into our spirits. An encouraging word can bring a smile no matter the grime of the day. Doing chores doesn’t have to be a drag or monotonous part of the day. We can do all things with love in our hearts. When we are doing laundry for those we love we can see folding socks as a gift to them. We can see vacuuming our home as a way of showing love not just completing a checklist.

Listen to these beautiful and calling words from Ann Voskamp:

“For centuries …. Because Jesus was beautiful to God’s people — His Word was beautiful to God’s people.

What if Jesus’ Word was more than useful to us? What if it was beautiful to us?

What if God’s Word was more than a manual in our lives — what if it was the masterpiece in our lives — that made our lives a masterpiece?

What if His Word was the art that we were captivated by — that freed us into the art of life?

That’s what I wanted a new year, a new memory project, to look like — I wanted Jesus The Beautiful —and His Beautiful Words.”

Powerful words that pressed me to beautify my washing machine with words of beauty from the One who Loves Me with such depths.

Grab a marker and let the Inspiration flow! When you’re ready to change it up, whether that be quote of the day or verse of the week, just grab your bathroom cleaner and a paper towel, simple swipe and wa-la, ready for the next words of wisdom!

love (Small)

I hope this idea brings inspiration and words of Life into your everyday!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my washing machine decals!

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