Latte' Cafe

Latte’ Cafe

This morning I had free time to wander and check out a local joint.

Latte’ Cafe is in Crestwood and sits in a small shopping area off of Hwy 146.

Upon entering you can feel the cozy atmosphere; local horse farm photos adorn the wall, owners greet you from behind the desk and patrons scatter tables with newspapers or study books.

I ordered their Chai tea which is my go-to drink no matter where I go. I also tried their breakfast wrap which was highly recommended online.

See that messy mug? Makes you feel right at home.

See that messy mug? Makes you feel right at home.

The Chai was super steamy and deeply spiced. I would have loved a bit more whipped topping to compliment, but the large ceramic mug felt so much better than most coffee joints styrofoam cups.

I took my time reading The Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore as I did just that. Cared for my soul with warm Chai and a breakfast wrap.

Latte’ Cafe is a local favorite and I’m sure I will be back…you know with all those days off. If you get a nice leisurely morning make it a point to meet a girlfriend at Latte’ Cafe or swing in and care for your soul over some coffee.

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  1. Chelsea Otto

    This is such a heartwarming addition to your blog! My goal is to start a blog about self improvement so I can re teach myself all I learn weekly. They say if you teach you will kearn better. I love you sister and can’t wait to have coffee again! Keep your soul warm!

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