Keeping a Food Journal

Keeping A Food Journal

One of my commitments to live healthier this year is in keeping a food journal. There is just something about writing down everything you put in your body that causes you to consider what you’re consuming. Have you ever kept a food journal?

You can get crazy OCD about it and really record everything, the calorie count and the total day’s calorie total. You can treat it like a diary and just quickly jot down what you ate, what exercise you did, how you felt and such.

I’m simply jotting down what I ate and if I think it could be really bad then I’m looking up the calorie count too. I love me a Texas Roadhouse roll just as much as the next gal, but there is something about 227 calories a pop that causes one to slow down on that bread basket. Right?! What a shame though. I’m still gonna have a roll or two even for its all things in balance. If I know we are heading to the Roadhouse then I might take it a little easier on lunch so those rolls don’t leave me guilty.

I’m also jotting down in my journal what exercise I’ve done and perhaps how many calories I burned. I received Zumba on the Xbox for Christmas and it really powers me through getting up at 6:30 in the morning when I know I’m just dancing to start my day!

I recommend finding a series of exercises you enjoy. Perhaps Pop Pilates one day for your ab workout, Zumba the next day and then a morning jog the following day. This is one of my favorite ab workouts:

I felt it the next day and it felt soooo good to hurt! A good ab workout sure makes laughing the next day more challenging.

I hope you find yourself inspired to consider keeping a food journal. Get as legalistic about it as you want or keep it informal.

I'm using this tiny pocket journal that is easy to take with me in my purse or stash in the kitchen.

I’m using this tiny pocket journal that is easy to take with me in my purse or stash in the kitchen.


20140102_161917 (Small) I’m stashing mine on the kitchen island so its easy access and ready for me to grab and go. The other night at dinner as I looked over the menu I realized I hadn’t had any veggies at all. That couldn’t be. Holding myself accountable to myself I ordered the steamed broccoli over the mac and cheese. For the Win! Something about knowing we are making good choices for ourselves like more water, more produce and less junk makes it feel good to record our food and want to do better the following day!

What are you doing towards improving health this year? I’d love to hear some of your healthy habits, ideas or tips!

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  1. I kept a food journal when I did Weight Watchers but that was a ways back. You have inspired me to do it again and this time like you said, “To be accountable to myself.”
    Thanks for Posting this.

  2. This is a great idea! When I was doing Weight Watchers, it kind of did the same thing for me. I really slowed down with my eating when I knew how many points things were!

  3. I’ve had a food journal before, it’s interesting to see what you consume and also what is not worth it to count. I remember when I kept one and was hardcore about it, I wouldn’t eat a salad that wasn’t pre-made. Then I would have to count each little ingredient and weigh everything. Figured it wasn’t worth it and didn’t eat it :)

    Thanks for sharing, following you on facebook and google+!


  4. Thanks for featuring the Food Journal on your Blog Post!

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