I Feel Like Super Woman…and you should too!

Some days it feels like the world is caving in all around. The laundry is overflowing, work deadlines are piling up and the kiddos are going through ┬átheir own mid-to-only-beginning-life crisis. Many days we are hard on ourselves as moms, wives and women. We aren’t doing enough or something is going wrong.

And some days…..

I feel like SuperWoman! It’s not real often that it happens, but man oh man does it feel good when it does.

I’m reading through Jen Hatmaker’s launch of For the Love coming out later this year. In her book she talks about how we oft feel so guilty as moms. Right? We aren’t doing enough or someone else is doing it better. Why can’t we just celebrate when things are going well?

Last week I told my husband, “I fee like SuperWoman!”

“How so,” he responded.

And not in a condescending way, but in a way makes you say that kind of way.

I killed it at work and felt like a good leader to my team even while traveling a few days out of town. I planned a killer 16th birthday party for Lindsey and did it all in one day. And we ended the week with a wonderful double date night of the hubby and my parents. I felt like a Super Woman.

“And you should feel that way,” he agreed.

I think we as women need to celebrate more the times when we do get it right. We need to celebrate the many hats we wear and the way we wear them well. We need to celebrate the kiddos not out getting arrested. We need to celebrate the 3 hours we sneak in for date night. And we need to celebrate using our gifts and skills in the place we find ourselves.

What makes you feel like Super Woman? Where are you killin’ it? Shout it out sister! Let’s flood the comments with our wins and scores….let’s have a community of celebrating confidence and cheering one another on….

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  1. Betty Inman

    It’s been a week…and I mean a week when I say it. We sold our house recently and getting ready to close on it in a few days. Moved last weekend to a leased house until we find our next one. Didn’t want to put money in a place that we aren’t going to own. We have been going through boxes trying to have some semblance of a home in our temporary abode and getting rid of “stuff” we have been hanging onto for way too long. Today, I looked around after hanging curtains and said to myself… not bad! So tonight I am celebrating a relaxing evening with hubby.

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