I am learning to run freely

I am learning to run freely

Have you listened to the lyrics of Mercy Me song Greater?

Oh my goodness, it is so amazing! I love cranking it up in the Jeep and just belting it out.

The lyrics are so freeing in reminding me that my identity doesn’t come from; hurt, pain, shame, anything that the day throws my way.

Why so? Because greater is the one living inside of me than he who is living in the world.

Crank it up sister! (or brother, maybe there are some gents reading the Modern Mrs. and that is just dandy!)

Let the words of truth flood over you and free you to run freely as we let the Lord speak truth and grace into who we truly are, Redeemed!

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  1. Betty Inman

    Thank you for sharing this song of Mercy Me, Greater. I love reading your Modern Mrs. You inspire and encourage us all who read it.

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