Embellished Mail Organizer (Small)

Embellished Mail Organizer

I’ve been doing a lot of wooden craftables like this tea basket seen here. I also crafted this fun embellished mail organizer that can be color coordinated to any office.

I wanted to craft this little wooden craftable that started in the shape of a gift bag.

030 (Small)

The size seemed perfect for organizing envelopes, bills, letters and such in the office.

028 (Small) 054 (Small) 053 (Small)

A quick coat of red paint, mod podge for a sheen effect, and a few embellishments create a coordinated mail organizer. This cheery little box will make even organizing bills and junk mail a little less painful. In our efforts of getting organized let’s have fun with it. Keeping mail in one fun spot makes the desk and bill paying not so dreaded.

Embellished Mail Organizer (Small)

 photo monicasignature_zps0fc834aa.png

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