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DIY Mannequin Bustform

My friend saw this fun DIY on Pinterest to create your own Mannequin Bustform. We thought sure, we can do that! She is gifted in sewing, alterations and having a bustform mannequin for pattern making and the such would be perfect for her.

Unfortunately the tutorial was in German so we just followed the pictures. Now here are the steps and pictures for you in English. I hope you have as much fun and success with it as we did!


Old T-shirt that is long enough to cover the hip

Plastic wrap

Duct Tape


028 (Small) 025 (Small) 030 (Small)



First, Get all your long hair gathered up and cover your neck in plastic wrap secured by the duct tape and connected to your t-shirt.

031 (Small)

Begin by wrapping the duct tape in a band just under the bust. Ensure the person being mannequin-ed breathes out deep so as to not get too tight or hard to breathe as the process continues.

035 (Small)


Continue by creating an X from the center band across the shoulders and all the way over to the back of the shoulder blades. Do several layers almost as a vest like form.

036 (Small)

Widen your vest or X form so as to cover the entire front and include shoulders.

When the entire top is completed above the band, repeat on the backside as well.

Continue the band all the way around from under the bust to the bottom of the shirt.
038 (Small) 040 (Small)

You can add multiple layers so as to smooth the sticky duct tape as it creates bubbles and waviness sometimes.

043 (Small)

Have some fun with it! It was getting quite toasty warm wrapped in a duct tape tee, but we were crackin ourselves up as we did it!

Next, measure a straight line up the center of the back and mark with a sharpie. Carefully begin to cut up the center using caution to cut through the tape and tee without cutting your human mannequin or their bra.  (This takes some trust and communication.)

046 (Small) 047 (Small)

048 (Small)


As you can see you finish with a bustform open in the back which you can tape closed or stitch closed.

DIY Mannequin Bustform Your finished product can be spruced up in several ways: paint it, cover in fabric, leave duct tape or used a colored duct tape of your choice.

Minimally you will want to seal the back cut and fill with stuffing. The plan with this mannequin is to fill it with stuffing and attach to a microphone stand for height and actual pattern making assistance.

What are you planning with your mannequin bustform? Grab a good girlfriend and have a comical afternoon with a fantastic fashion turnout!


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