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Crickets and Cellos

Last Friday was an amazing day. Do you know what I mean? (No I’m not gonna sing that terrible Friday song by Rebecca Black, TGIF and Thank God that song is not everywhere or anywhere at all in fact anymore.) ¬†One of those days off when you get to fill the day with absolutely zero to-dos, but only things you want to do. I hope you get to have one of those every now and then. I have them sporadically and they are light at the end of long work weeks!

Being stuck in an airport quite a bit recently makes it so important to cherish and remember those oh-so-different peaceful days…

Last Friday I slept in a bit, met a girlfriend for coffee and just lingered awhile reading a good book. Delightful.

That afternoon I had an appointment for a massage at A Therapeutic Touch. My sweet mother-in-law bought me a gift certificate for Christmas. I love getting a massage anytime, but especially when they are free they are that much sweeter!

A.T.T is set in a shopping center inside St. Matthews area off Brownsboro Rd.

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As you wait in the waiting area you can enjoy a hot cup of tea, some relaxing melodies and the ease of feeling right at home on the stuffed sofa.

Cathy, my massage therapist, did a wonderful job of calming my body and taking me to “that place.” You know that place where you are so relaxed you want to fall asleep, but don’t want to miss how relaxing and calm your body feels. The sound of crickets and cellos made for a beautiful background as my body melted away into the peace and rest.

I heard a lady at the checkout desk say after her massage, “I feel like I’m on another planet and have had like 8 margaritas.” Hilarious.

I think a massage is a wonderful gift to give ourselves and others in our lives. Sometimes funds or time don’t allow for it, but simple little pleasures in life should still be enjoyed. For me I can enjoy the wonderful ease of a morning at home, coffee brewing and my all-time favorite Hazelnut Cream candle.

Wherever you find yourself today sneak in a way to enjoy something pleasurable.

*Schedule an appointment for a manicure.

*Treat your mom to a special spa service for Valentine’s upcoming.

*Warm up your lotion in the microwave and treat the hubby to an at home back massage (A.T.T is doing a couple’s massage special for Valentine’s Day).

*Take a 30 minute bubble bath with just the soundscapes and candles filling the air and your thoughts.

As women we run around burning both ends of the candle and have to be intentional about taking care of our inner peace. One of my very favorite hymns is something I hum to myself frequently…

I hum to remind myself and speak the promise of truth to myself , It is well, with my soul. Find something today that allows you to slow down, to listen and to find peace inside that says, It is well. (Even if you are stuck in Detroit and hating Winter Snow.)

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  1. A massage sounds amazing. I’ve never had one. I do need to find peace and relax more often.

  2. Oops I forgot to tell you I found you on Serenity You! I’m following you on Pinterest now.

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