Crazy Busy; Snapshot of our Life

Crazy Busy; Snapshot of our Life

Isn’t that how all of us feel from time to time? Too often that is the best way to describe our lives. And you don’t need me to tell you that running around crazy busy is exhausting. That might be exactly how you are feeling right now.

The hubby just started reading a book and I’ve been sneaking in reading it when he’s not. Kevin DeYoung wrote Crazy Busy in an effort to uncover the root issues behind our constant busyness and how to fix the problem.

Some of the insights I’ve gleaned have been great truths to nibble on. I hope it gives you food for thought today…

Pride is a huge reason in our busyness. “Performance evaluation. As in, we tend to overrate our own…almost all students rate themselves above average…almost all employees consider themselves in the top tier. Because we regard ourselves so highly, we overestimate our importance. We assume, ‘If I don’t do this, no one will. Everything depends on me.’ But the truth is, you’re only indispensable until you say no. You are unique. Your gifts are important. People love you. But you’re not irreplaceable.” insert p. 36

Wow. These were good words for me to mull on while out on medical leave. If you’re anything like me, I almost feel guilty on sick days. I fear that the world will fall apart without me. Guess what? It doesn’t. As DeYoung points out this roots back to pride in our belief in ourselves. Sometimes we need to recognize our gifts, our talents and where we are called to use them. Other times we need to say “no”, set boundaries and slow down from living too crazy busy that we miss the important stuff.

Looking for a slow down in your own crazy busy life? Here’s a quick way to pick it up…




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