Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park is about a 90 minute drive from Louisville. Clifty Falls offers some amazing hiking, waterfalls and beautiful views. Last Saturday looked a little like rain, but we decided to trek it up to Clifty Falls outside of Madison anyhow.

Along the way we stopped in this sweet Roadside Farm Market;

Fruit Stand Kentucky Farm Bureau 20140628_153632 (Small) A basket of fresh peaches is the only way to do a hike on a hot Summer day. Juicy, messy and oh so delicious!

We arrived to Clifty Falls State Park in the mid-afternoon and tackled several trails.

Trail 1 leads to the lookout tower with some fantastic views.

IMG_20140628_160707 (Small) Overlook Tower IMG_20140628_161431 (Small)

You will definitely want to take the welcome brochure with the state park map with you if you plan to get in the thick of the trails. $5 Admission for IN state cars and $7 for out of state cars is not a bad deal considering the adventure ahead…

Trail 2 looks like it runs right alongside and through the creek/river….

IMG_20140628_161618 (Small) Clifty Falls Creek

I’d suggest you bring shoes that can get wet. And a basket of peaches to eat on the less rugged portion of the trail.

IMG_20140628_163258 (Small)

and it does.

IMG_20140628_163118 (Small)

The map and brochure breaks down the trails from moderate to rugged to very rugged. And very rugged indeed.

Clifty Falls Clifty falls State Park

We had a great 2.5 hour hike through the river, climbing the rocks and ending with a beautiful view of the Clifty Falls.

You can check the Clifty Falls State Park site out here. Its a fantastic place to get your hike on, good day trip away or perfect family time spent together!



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