All the Pretty Things

I had requested a book at the library and then kinda forgot about it since I was on the wait list for what felt like FOREVER.

But then Monday I stopped by the library to pick up my book on reserve and tore through it in less than a day.

I’m telling ya this book captured me from the introduction and the fact that each chapter was influenced by a country music song title. Edie Wadsworth writes with humor, raw honesty and a story of God’s grace that leaves you thinking about it days after.

Wadsworth has a blog as well that captures the joy of living life with full abandonment to let God have control. I sat down to read Wadsworth memoir which is filled with honesty of growing up without and vernacular that only those raised backwoods will feel at home with. I tore through 100 pages before the girls even got in from school that afternoon. That evening after yoga class we sat down around a cheese board and took turns passing around the book each reading a chapter aloud.

“I don’t guess you made any supper worth eatin’, did you, oe girl?” my youngest read from p.27.
We all giggled at her great country accent and the way she changed her voice from the Daddy in the story to the narrator. My girls and I enjoyed sitting and reading Wadsworth’s retelling of her days of childhood with both a combination of silliness, sadness and the perfect mix of later-in-life reflection.

I love a book that can bring together readers of all ages and backgrounds, Wadsworth brings together a desire in us all to be loved and know we belong to someone. That my friends is universal no matta’ where y’uns come from.

What book are you reading lately? I’d love to hear other good book suggestions if you’ve found a great read!

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