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All Hands On Deck Blogging

That’s right. We’ve been getting all hands on deck, Primping up the blog a bit if you will.

Yesterday we made things, hopefully, a bit more user friendly. Apparently the comment section had become a real challenge and you had to be a ‘member’ to leave a comment. No way Jose! Now, you can chat with me in comments as easy as apple pie. You will simply have to have a name, check, as well as an email, check. So let’s get to chatting. I’d love to hear thoughts from blog posts, see what crafts you are making, see if the recipe turns out for you and how you tweak it. This is a community so come on Modern Mrs. raise that voice!

Another, addition that hopefully makes life simplified is the new:



Yikes, way blurry, but you get the point. Before you could Pin any article on Pinterest from below. Now you can simply glide your cursor over any photo and this little PIN IT button (like above, but a heckofa lot less fuzzy) will appear. You can pin your little heart  out and reference that DIY candleholder idea at a later day, you know after you have a nap, after you solve world peace and really get a round to it.

So Happy Pinning and Commenting. Let me know what you think. What would make the blog easier to ¬†follow, read? What would you like to hear me share reviews on? Tutorials? Etc? I’m so thankful for all the loyal readers out there. You make this a great fun for me and I hope to return the favor to you.

The Modern Mrs. Blog just hit over 61,000 VISITS THIS YEAR! A-mazing! So thanks for reading, joining me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and all that jazz! I hope you we will be back soon…

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