40 Bags in 40 Days from White House Black Shutters

40 Bags in 40 Days

This morning I spotted this awesome article on my Facebook feed and then another friend sent me the link….Ok, I get the point. I’m totally needing to participate in this decrapifying of my house.

Recently a girlfriend and I were chatting about simplifying our lives and I think that it is a hot topic in culture now. I love that! We are saying enough is Enough! Why do I have 12 pairs of jeans? Why do I have dozens of vases and picture frames not in use?

Ann Marie, the author of White House Black Shutters, has coordinated this amazing 40 days plan of tackling one spot in your house each day and GETTING RID OF IT! How great, right? One bag a day whether that bag is going to Goodwill, consignment, trash or elsewhere. What perfect timing to start now as we celebrate the 40 days of Lent as well.

Purging our lives, ridding ourselves of excess and simplifying to the things that matter in life. Something about a simple home, a simple lifestyle and simple peace are a wonderful thing. This week I spending time cleaning out under sinks, inside pantries and closets. AH! It feels so refreshing….Come join the freedom found in purging!

Let me know if you are joining us. You can meet up with Ann Marie’s group #40BAGSIN40DAYS

Let’s clean it out, Shout it out and Post the decrapifying in proud pictures!

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